​Mother Chapter

​Brothers in blue mc - Laurel highlands chapter
​~ The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was established in the winter of 2005 by David “Grumpy” Perez, Arturo “Cali” Hernandez, Noel “Tito” Perez, and David “Oreo” Shaffer as a Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL. After looking into several clubs the decision was made to create a club that would better suit First Responders with their shared interests in Motorcycles and the open road. They believed Family and Friends come First and they wanted a club that would promote camaraderie and loyalty between all emergency services personnel.

The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was created to assist and support the members of our professions and their families in their time of need.

The name “Brothers In Blue” was chosen because of the bond shared between First Responders.

Members will above all, abide by and uphold the basic club principles of Honor, Courage, Commitment, Charity, Truth, Respect, Support and Loyalty.

Members shall NOT associate with any 1% clubs
​Laurel Highlands Chapter History
​The Beginning
Brothers in Blue MC- Laurel Highlands Chapter was formed in 2016. September 2016 UHAUL and PLAYBOy attended a motorcycle rally in Ohio. While camping there, they ran in to MOTH (Vice President of River Valley Chapter) and AXE (President of Black Swamp Chapter). MOTH and AXe gave them some insight of Brothers In Blue MC. The next month UHAUL and PLAYBOY met up with RATTLER, BIG OAK, and ROY , where they began the application process. MOTH and AXE walked them thru the process. In November 2016 Laurel HIghlands Chapter was formed. After 5 months as a probation chapter, on Marcch 18,2017, Laurel Highlands Chapter was patched in as a Full Patch Chapter.